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My Wish

Your wish, can come true

Is your wish to own part of a big internet start-up company? You can! UVUBA is a start-up company, destined to become the No.1 personal & business networking destination of the world; and you, can be part of it.

Make your wish happen!

Step.1   Make yourself known to us!  eMail Paul George  to introduce yourself.
We are keen to learn about you and the skills or talents you can bring to our project!

Tell us what area you can help us in?

  • Accounting (Company Level)
  • Coding; PHP5, CSS3, HTML5, javaScript, Ajax (FILLED)
  • Copy Writing
  • Database Engineers, mySQL and/or Mongo
  • Graphic Design
  • HR
  • Legal: both; company and consumer Law
  • Marketing (Inbound, Outbound)
  • Photography
  • Presentational Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design and Development(FILLED)
  • Finance:
  • Step.2   Don't doubt yourself, or underestimate your potential of being offered a position within the uvuba team

    Step.3   Like our Company page on facebook or Follow Paul on twitter

    Note: Qualifications and Certificates. Are not a mandate! The two main criteria's we seek are Enthusiasm and Passion in achieving your goals, yes, we will want to see some samples of the skills you can bring to our team!

    Thanks for following, We have a lot more on the way, as we move into phase.4 and phase .5 Where we finally unlock the new look to the public!

    Paul George: