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Our Mission:
(To save people and businesses, time and money through our innovation in commerce efficiency)

2017 is the year UVUBA’s ground-breaking business model will rise to become the preferred commerce platform, of the business leaders around the world.

Our business model, supports both in store and online purchasing to meet the needs, of both the buyer and seller. It also offers both parties, real opportunities to save time and money, like never seen before

A Direct Response Marketplace

  1. Shoppers will use UVUBA.COM to find the best buying price, for the things they wish to buy
  2. Businesses will use UVUBA.COM to find buyers looking to purchase their goods and services.
  3. Manufactures will use UVUBA.COM to show their latest products to the world.
  4. Contractors will use UVUBA.COM to gather job leads and to provide quotes!
  5. Communities will use UVUBA.COM to promote their cities attractions, events, groups and more!

The UVUBA business model is designed to deliver, Time and Money Saving, to the apposing commercial interests, of buyers and sellers within all industry.

Paul George

Founder & CEO
Phone: 0429 677 335

MAY 2017 Update

  1. CMS pages are now under final construction
  2. Business plan being updated
  3. April 2017 Patents, lodged to protect our IP
  4. April 2017 Cloud server infrastructure implemented

Phone: 0429 677 335