Get ready, to be impressed

Website Build in progress

As you can see! … This website is under construction. Currently it is neither cross browser compliant, nor mobile ready! (it will be!)

The UVUBA website will be an Equalizer!

Giving millions of small owner-operator businesses the power to compete on an equal footing against the monopolisation of large online retail stores, paid social network preferencing and other search engine ranking.

So what are we building? …

A website' that allows any buyer/shopper to find the best price around, for any type product or service. While remaining 100% anonymous to the seller, until they commit to make a purchase from the seller/supplier of their choice.

A website' where any retail outlet can easily access and respond too, an unlimited number of creditable sales leads 24/7. Simply by utilizing the many FREE networking tools, accessible from their UVUBA business page/dashboard.

A website primly designed to help home, and small business owners prosper. While remaining essential for big business to utilize the power of UVUBA as part of their strategic marketing processes.

A website capable of marketing your products & services to a mass audience, while delivering the best ROI to all business who use the UVUBA® platform.

Founder: Paul George

Chairman & CEO
UVUBA Pty Ltd Australia


  • October/05/2016:

    1. With the rebuild now well underway, our websites saw a new DB table structure added to improve user Search speed and Accuracy.

    2. On the down side. Our Master CMS is taking a little longer then anticipated to get it just right!

    3. Prevision has now been built in, for a future social sharing facility to be added to our users already impressive array of features.

    DM me directly on twitter to get started! ...