(Coming) UVUBA.COM,  is your' Direct Response Marketplace

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Website Under Construction

2017 will see this website, transform; to become the dominate platform, for commerce activities worldwide.

The logic of UVUBA’s, online commerce functions, will afford buyers and sellers, greater opportunity to cut the costs of doing business.

Market Fairness

When uvuba.com become’s fully operational, it will help to remove the market advantages, large global online stores, have had over thousand’s of smaller local business operators.

Brick & Mortar Stores

  1. Be seen every-where;  24/7 365 days a year (Mobile? Yes!)
  2. Save up-to 85% on CAC (costs spent on acquiring more customers).
  3. No e-commerce website to build or maintain ( No SEO to worry about )
  4. No paid advertising required … ( However: it is an available option )
  5. No App; or programs to purchase
  6. No commissions or transaction fees to pay, You keep 100% of your sales
  7. FREE statistics … to help you know what people are buying
  8. Mutable web pages allow you to promote your business
  9. Hundreds of option settings, to tailer for your business needs
  10. Very affordable for micro & small business to use.

Our Mission:
(To save people time and money, through innovation in commerce efficiency)

Paul George

Founder & CEO

Site Schedule

March 2017

February 2017 was set-aside for brainstorming and planing for the future launch of this website.
STATUS: On-going

January 2017 saw the this websites migration to an advanced cloud based infrastructure.
STATUS: Completed √

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