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As you can see! … This website is under construction. Currently it is neither cross browser compliant, nor mobile ready! (it will be!)

From $Zero to $Billions

Building a website to future proof small businesses, has been my dream for the past 18 years. So now at aged 65, I've decided to make it real! …

My Goal is to build …

A website' that allows any buyer/shopper to find the best price around, for any type product or service. While remaining 100% anonymous to the seller, until they commit to make a purchase from the seller/supplier of their choice.

A website' where any retail outlet can easily access and respond too, an unlimited number of creditable sales leads 24/7. Simply by utilizing the many FREE networking tools, accessible from their UVUBA business page/dashboard.

A website primly designed to help Home, and small business owners. While remaining critical for big business to utilize as part of their strategic marketing processes.

Founder: Paul George

Chairman & CEO
UVUBA Pty Ltd Australia


  • September/20/2016:
    UVUBA's 1st MVP relase, is to be reviled to a number of small business owners across the country within weeks!

    Join our start-up team …
    This site is hard for an old block to do alone … So I am actively seeking people to help get this site up and running. If you would like to help in one or more of the following areas. Feel free to DM @UVUBA on twitter. Or connect HERE on LinkedIn

    ⇒ Bookkeeping
    ⇒ Copy writing
    ⇒ Full stack web developers
    ⇒ Graphics Design
    ⇒ Marketing/Growth Hacker
    ⇒ Social Media (Guru)
    ⇒ Web Design UX, UI
    ⇒ Database Engineering

    We want you to join our team.
    DM me directly on twitter to get started! ...