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Our Mission:
Is to save our members, Time and Money through our innovation in commerce efficiency

Why should you watch this space?

  1. UVUBA.COM will help Shoppers find the best buying price, for the things they wish to buy
  2. UVUBA.COM will help Businesses find buyers wanting to purchase the goods and services they offer.
  3. UVUBA.COM will help Manufactures display their latest products to the world.
  4. UVUBA.COM will help Contractors explore job leads, while allowing direct access to provide quotes!
  5. UVUBA.COM will help Communities to promote their cities attractions, events, groups and more!

The UVUBA business model is designed to deliver, Time and Money Saving, to the apposing commercial interests, of buyers and sellers within most industry.

Paul George

Founder & CEO
Phone: 0429 677 335

2017 Milestones

  1. August 2017 Was a fantastic period that saw an array of new databases setup to better deliver acid compliant transactions. mySQL, Mongo
  2. We have set aside September to develop a better page design to improve the visuals for the products and businesses users we promote.
  3. Jun 2017 Revision of the business model (Updated)
  4. May 2017 Business Plan updated (Ongoing)
  5. April 2017 Patents to protect our IP (Lodged)
  6. April 2017 Cloud servers implemented (Complete)

Phone: 0429 677 335