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Thanks for visiting UVUBA and for your patience.

As you can see! … This website is still under construction. Yes, it lacks many fancy images and is not yet cross browser compliant. (it will be!) ... My' hope is to release the full working version of UVUBA in Q1 2016 (Be ready, to be impressed)


The idea and planning of this website, started life as hobby. Today however, as more and more people learn about my consumer networking model. A process I had named UVUBA, (meaning Triumph or Victory), the more, they started pushing me to get it out there for everyone to use!


When completed, and UVUBA is made available to everyone. It will provide an open and transparent connection between the producer or manufacture all seller's and the buyers who consume the product or services.

UVUBA’s primary objective, is to deliver positive outcomes to both business and consumers in their day to day commercial activates


1: _ Many, new features will be added to this website before we unlock our full working version of UVUBA.COM

2: _ We have also disabled most links shown here, as all development is carried out Off-Line on our private in-house servers:

NOTE: To protect our IP while constructing and testing this website. Most of our content, links, and user functions have been removed or deactivated!

Opening Soon is a personal & business web portal. It is designed to serve all small and large business entities. Including all trades people, manufactures and their customers.

Thanks for following.

Paul George:

  •  Get Found!

    We do this by channelling the wants and needs of consumers to your business.
  • Get More Sales

    Respond effortlessly to an unlimited number of consumer product inquires.
  • Don't be Limited!

    Add as much detail as you wish to describe what your business has to offer
  • Update; Any Time

    Change your business pages, add or update content as often as you like!.